Starting on Level 10, Guilds become available to players in The Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-earth. It is imperative that you join or create Guild immediately!

As soon as you become a member, Guild Campaigns will become available which will be another means of earning XP, farming characters, and most importantly farming Ability Materials and Guild Coins.

There are 4 Guild Campaign Chapters currently:

  • Chapter 1 (Level 10; 8 Energy) – 2 Common/1 Uncommon Ability/510 Gold/80 character XP/8 player XP/13 Guild Coins per Mission; Ugluk (1-1); Eddric (1-3); Pippin (1-5); Ghazh Ironhide (1-7)
  • Chapter 2 (Level 21; 8 Energy) – 5 Common/2 Uncommon/1 Rare Ability/620 Gold/135 character XP/8 player XP/13 Guild Coins per Mission; Grimpa (2-1)
  • Chapter 3 (Level 34; 10 Energy) – 10 Common/3 Uncommon/1 Rare Ability/935 Gold/240 character XP/10 player XP/17 Guild Coins per Mission;
  • Chapter 4 (Level 44; 10 Energy) – 5 Uncommon/2 Rare Ability/1120 Gold/240 character XP/10 player XP/17 Guild Coins per Mission;
  • Chapter 5 (Level 53; 12 Energy) – 3 Uncommon/3 Rare Ability/1600 Gold/270 character XP/12 player XP/21 Guild Coins per Mission (not yet available)

Refills of Guild Energy are 2 times more expensive than refills of Campaign Energy. The price will gradually be increased after every 3 Refills:

  • 3 x100 Gems = 360 Guild Energy (120 per Refill)
  • 3 x200 Gems = 360 Guild Energy (120 per Refill)
  • 3 x400 Gems = 360 Guild Energy (120 per Refill)

Farming Guild Missions is one of the most important activities in the early game but players may be misguided by the fact that they can farm characters only in Chapter 1 and Mission 1 of Chapter 2.

Not only that you will get less XP and less Gold but if you insist on maximizing characters from Guild Campaigns, the amount of Ability Materials available in Chapter 1 will stall your progress towards maximizing the arena team.

It is essential that you farm the highest available Guild Chapters in any given opportunity! That also means that you should try to progress further whenever you can.

Guild Characters Farming Goals

Even though by farming character shards in Guild Chapters you will stall your progress toward improving the abilities of your team, you have to reach a certain number of shards for those characters. This is what you should aim for:

Ugluk (1-1)

He needs 3- 4 stars at the start; Ugluk is a leader of Isengard but he is someone who can fit in almost any Arena offensive team due to his control abilities. Also, Quest requirements for 5 Shadow Characters with 3* and then 4*, suggest Ugluk as one of the ideal candidates for reaching the goal despite the fact that while farming Chapter 1 you actually stall your progress!

Eddric (1-3)

He needs 2-4 stars at the start; Dunland Trio is really powerful especially offensively and if you decide to rely on them you will have to focus on Eddric. However, you should avoid that until you unlock Alreda (Light Hard 5-5). By the time you bring Alreda on at least 2 *, you should have enough Ability Material and XP to not be bothered by the fact that you are forced to farm Guild Chapter 1. However, before that, Quest requirements may force you to farm Eddric (same as Ugluk) if there is no one who can be farmed faster.

Pippin (1-5)

He needs 4 stars; 4 Road to Rivendal characters have to be on 4* to unlock Tier 2 of “The Gardener’s Journey”. Focus on him as soon as Ironhide is unlocked and Ugluk and Eddric are on 2*

Ghazh Ironhide (1-7)

Just unlock him (180 shards) for the start – Ironhide should be unlocked asap because he is probably the best (if not the best then the most versatile) character in the current roster. You should not try to get him a 5th star immediately even though you are in a position to build an Arena Offense team around Ironhide and the rest of Mordor for maximum results.

Naremiri (2-1)

She needs 5 stars – Naremiri is not a really useful character, but currently, she is one of 4 Elves that can be farmed. The first legendary Elrond needs 5 Elves on 5*, so it is not an option to ignore her, which you should, in other circumstances. This is how it is at this point. With every new update and new Legendary, we will update the suggestion for Naremiri. At least, she is not in Guild Chapter 1 so you will not stall your progress while farming her. Just make sure to unlock Ironhide first.

Grimpa (2-3)

He needs 2 stars; Grippa is in Chapter 2 so farming him will not be disadvantageous at the moment you are required to have 5 Shadow characters on 2*. Further farming depends if you decided to build the Goblin team alongside The Great Goblin.

Elrohir (3-1)

He needs at least 5* – Elrohir should be probably the first character you try to maximize. Not only that you need him at 5* because of Elrond, but because he is really OP and along with Ironhide one of the few real Plug’n’Play characters in the current roster that can fit almost any synergy having Tank or Protector. Most importantly while farming Elrohir you will get almost the maximum XP and Ability Material drops available in early/mid-game progression.

Guild Options

At the moment there are only a few options in a Guild tab. Once you join the Guild, you will have only 2 options:

Pick an Ally for your Guildies

You pick one character from your roster that other Guild members can use while progressing through Guild missions. In the early game, it is best to put your strongest character there.

If that is Strider, and there are a lot of other Striders, chose someone else with high power. Later, the setup of Allies must be agreed upon between Guild members to benefit everyone.

To search for a new Guild

In the early progress, everyone will aim to join Guilds with high TCP so they can benefit from their Allies while progressing through Guild Chapters. As the game evolves, more circumstances will affect the loyalty of players

At the moment there are 3 possible Roles in the Guild:

  • Guild Leader – Leader can change names, flags, and Guild Descriptions. He can appoint Officers, accept Guild requests, send invites, and kick anyone from the Guild.
  • Officer – There can be up to 5 Officers in the Guild. They can send Guild Invites.
  • Member – The rest of the Guild is filled with Guild members who can just add Allies or try to find a better Guild.

It is certain that at some point we will have Guild donations, Guild Tech, and everything else usual to Hero Collector games. The first true challenge for Guild will be the upcoming Introduction of Raids. The real importance and difference between Guilds will start there.


As soon as you reach level 10 your first and only task before everything else is to find and join in a Guild. You can create your own, but keep in mind that you will be at a progress disadvantage, compared to others if you fail to fill your Guild with players.

Without them, you will not have Allies to boost your progress through Guild Chapters. However, that is the only minor disadvantage at the start. If you wanna be a leader and you think that you can do it, you should go after it because the success of the Guild will depend only on you.

The game is just released and the main concept currently is leveling and reaching Level Cap. By the time you do that, there is no doubt that we will have more game features and some of them will be closely related with Guilds.

As soon as that happens this article will be updated accordingly!

Bombadil’s Cluster of Guilds

The crew behind this site is seriously engaged in the gameplay itself and we created our Guild upon the game release – Bombadil Refuge.

The idea is to assemble a cluster of Guilds (HC, Casual, Recruitment) that will have our full support and guidance. Bombadil Refuge will be the leading Guild and membership there will be earned only by the best and most active players.

Nonetheless, not all players have any desire to be in HC competitive Guild, therefore we will provide a safe Heaven for all members of our Community with the same benefits and same help as those in Bombadil Refuge.

This is the link to Bombadil’s Tips Discord and you can find everything that interests you regarding Bombadil Cluster there:

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding The Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-earth, be free to contact us – we are always at your disposal!