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Light Campaign Teams

The Light Campaign is one of the 4 PVE mods existing in The Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-earth currently. Fast progress is important for several reasons, so you must have a plan from the start which team will carry you forward, allowing the fastest and cheapest progression.

As you will figure out soon enough, there is no option in the early/mid-game for you to dramatically change the main Campaign teams. This goes for without being forced to considerably stall your current progress. And, also while waiting for new characters to be high enough to continue where the previous Campaign team left.

At this moment for assembling a viable Light Campaign team, you basically have only 2 options:

  • to build a team around Eowyn Leader Bonus
  • to build a team around Strider Leader Bonus

Eowyn’s Light Campaign team

Eowyn will be the third Light character to join the roster and the second with Leader Ability (alongside Strider). She increases the critical chance of all Rohan characters in the team during their counterattacks and assists.

Now, this may seem an average Leader ability at best but only if you don’t know the mechanics of early available Rohan characters alongside her (Eomer and Eothan).

All those 3 Rohan characters are available almost immediately:

  • Eowyn – you will get her right on start in addition to Strider and Frodo
  • Eothen – he is unlocked when you clear Light Hard 1-1
  • Eomer – you need to focus on completing Light Quests and by completing the 3rd Light Quest Line you will unlock him. He is farmed through Arena Supply Store, so you must focus your Arena Coins on him (if you decide to rely on early Rohan Synergy

As a Rohan Leader and character obtained at the start, Eowyn is easy to be farmed considerably early (Shadow Hard 1-5). She has some nice abilities to help you progress. Her passive allows her to buff herself constantly as well as the rest of the team.

The primary Ability Materials investing should be on her special ability (“Defensive Blow”) that grants Might to allies. Also, you want level 2 of “Valiant Protector” asap so you can control the battle and prevent enemies from using their most dangerous abilities by placing Disrupt.

Eothen is an average tank at best. While Taunting he isn’t offered any kind of protection and we could say that he is squishy even though his Armor and HP stats are in the top 10.

Never the less, his true value is his synergy with Eomer (almost permanent assists to each other). And, his AOE attack that is not really strong but grants counterattacks to the entire team that benefits greatly from Eowyn’s Leader ability.

Eomer, at first glance, doesn’t look promising. But, he is actually the most dangerous member of all 3 early Rohan characters. His passive grants minor but permanent healing to him and Eowyn at every turn.

And, depending on the level of Pasive, it gives them the chance to assist (level 5 of Passive = 100% chance). It is important to say that he assists using his Basic Attack that grants Turn Meter increase meaning that at some point he will play twice as often.

Also, he is a summoner (summons in LOTRH are the real deal actually). And, if Eothen is in the team, his damage is decently increased. While, at the same, time he has the ability to clean Banes on both self and Eothen.

In short, Rohan synergy, which is available immediately at the start, is extremely useful even in the end game. It is not the best synergy currently in the game but it is definitely effective, especially in PVE.

The logical and basically forced addition to this team is Strider, at least at the start. Not only that he will be constantly improved shards-wise (with every passing day only by completing Daily objectives).

But, his kit and his speed synergize with Eowyn’s opening and he will usually initiate the combat with his AOE under Eowyn’s Might buff. We will talk about Strider more later, but, honestly, he is an obvious and the only pick for this team at the start.

Frodo Baggins will be the 5th member of this team for some time. But, you will have to replace him as soon as possible. There will be several options depending if you are prepared to spend or your luck with farming shards of early available Light characters.

But, honestly, there is only 1 acceptable course of action here – you need to unlock Pippin Took as soon as possible from the Guild campaign (1-5). On level 10 you will unlock Guild Campaign.

If you are following our farming and Daily activity suggestions, you will have no problems unlocking him during the second reset. Even though you will need 45 Pippin’s shards. Pippin Took is the support character with decent healing (Ability Level 3 at least) and AOE MIght buff to his team.

The need for the healer should not be explained because its benefits are obvious. However, his might buff may seem too much considering that Eowyn offers the same. That is not true though.

Because Eowyn can cast it in the first turn, Pippin cannot use it before the second, granting this team 2 full turns of the damage increased by 50%. More importantly, you are practically forced to farm Pippin because you need him on 4* to unlock T2 of “The Gardener’s Journey”, so you “kill 2 flies with a single swing”.

It is confirmed that this team can easily clear T1 of “The Gardener’s Journey” and help you reach Chapter 5 of the Light Campaign. Even without any problems or being forced into power leveling or gearing of any member of this synergy. Just assemble the team and do the most obvious and logical things and you will be there in about 15 days.

I must say that you have the option to build a full Rohan team or to combine 2 Gondor members (Sergent Ara+Herendil) with Eowyn, Eomer, and Eothen. But, honestly, that will only stall your progress while granting a minor benefit.

Strider’s Light Campaign team

Alongside Frodo Baggins, Strider is an opening character who will be without a doubt one of the strongest characters in every roster while leveling. Not only because you will farm his shards constantly through Daily and Quest Objectives but because his kit fits perfectly to a lot of different teams.

Strider’s Leader Ability affects only Hobbits and grants them Stealth whenever he crits. He also passively increases their Damage and Armor. Now, I know that Hobbits are not really popular due to their low damage and squishiness.

But, that is actually irrelevant for the Light Campaign. On the contrary, 4 Hobbits + Strider has everything you need to easily clear all 5 Chapters of the Light Campaign. Plus, you will need all of them for T2 of “The Gardener’s Journey”.

The problem is that you cant have all of them soon enough if you don’t purchase the initial Hobbits pack. So you will have to combine while trying to benefit in other game modes as well.

Frodo Baggins is available to you as you install the game. When you start you will immediately see that his damage is lower compared to other characters you are using and that he is not really helpful.

However, even then he will be good enough to grant your progress through early Campaign Missions that will open the possibility of unlocking new characters. Truth be told, Frodo is not bad at all.

Just, his real potential is opened later with the improvement of his abilities, when most players usually decide to replace him with someone else. Along with Strider, he will be in Stealth almost all the time which will grant him almost permanent Might Boon.

More importantly, his speed will allow him to play first picking the target that will be eliminated fast by placing nearly irresistible Expose at the start of every combat. “Last Resort” ability above Level 3 will grant him one of the most powerful single-target attacks that can be literally spammed.

Pippin Took is the second Hobbit who can join the team. I already explained why it is important to have him immediately after reaching level 10 and how to get him. So, it should not be a problem to obtain him fast enough to start building Strider’s team.

The important thing is that with Strider, Pippin will not be as exposed as in Eowyn’s team where his role is only to Heal, and Buff and survive if possible. With Strider, he will be almost always protected with Stealth because he will be the most injured Hobbit. He will be granted Stealth when Strider crits (Frodo will be in stealth already).

Also, he will significantly increase Frodo’s dps by assisting him almost always and removing enemy Boons in the process (especially effective against Tanks). So in short, Pippin will be much more useful in this team, and we all know that is useful even without it.

Once you assemble and prepare 2 Hobbits and Strider, you will be a long way from unlocking the next Hobbit. So, you may ask yourself why I did do all this when I will have to use and improve Rohirims anyway? Well, there is a catch 😉

As you will see, you will be in a position to clear and complete Light Hard Chapter 2 without any difficulties and without additional investment in Rohirims.

So resource-wise, you will only have to spend Gold on early leveling (which is cheap until level 30) and you will have the opportunity to be in a position to farm Light Hard 2-1(Leliel – outdated) and Light Hard 2-9 (Lomion).

Well, this was before the Arwen update and change of farming spots when Leliel was moved to Shadow Hard 3-9 making the fast assembling of this team almost impossible.

On those Hard Missions, you will find 2 Elves that can be easily unlocked (15 shards each), and that can crucially affect your overall progress. As you know “Dark Relics” Challenge that awards Shadow Crystals (an extremely important resource for the mid/end-game) requires Orcs or elves.

While Orcs are no problem initially (3 Isengard Orcs will do the job to some point) you will have no Elves whatsoever. So early investing in Leliel and Lomion was an easy solution for this problem.

However, after Arwen’s update, even though Leliel was farmed by only a few, Devs knew the impact she will have once the farming of Elves become mandatory to unlock Elrond. So, they moved her forward in progression making it impossible for you to get her earlier.

Both, Leliel and Lomion, perfectly fit in addition to Strider, Frodo, and Pippin. And, surprisingly for most at this point, they will grant you even easier progression through Light Chapters than using Rohirims.

This is no longer possible, so you will have to find alternatives for Leliel until you unlock her. More importantly, if you decide to invest in Eothain just enough so you can fast progress until Leliel is available for farming you will be forced to either use Hobits in Arena or to fully invest in early Isengard+Ironhide for the Arena.

This is honestly a mistake when you are against 90% of full Rohan synergies. Not only that 3 early Rohan fully counter Isengard (so you will be the first attacking option for most of the other players), but Lomion (who will be still available immediately) will not be even closely useful as if Leliel is with him.

Fortunately, you will be now forced to go after Elves, and Nerimiri is recently available at 2-1 Guild Campaign while Eothain is the best early tank in general, so you will have acceptable options on how to unlock Leliel eventually without overspending and having serious set back in the Arena.

Leliel is Elven Tank with low cooldowns of her abilities. Her damage is minimum but she plays really often and her defensive capabilities are insane. She protects other Elves by granting them Stealth while being able to heal herself and buff with the most efficient protective Boons – Defensive and Nimble.

To put it simply – all enemies will target her and she will dodge and receive half-damage before she heals and do that all over again. In other words, your Hobbits and Lomion will always be on full HP while enemies will target Strider (the strongest character in your roster, most likely) or even better they will waste their attacks on Leliel.

Lomion is now the first Elf that is available considerably early and can be used as the main option for your Light Campaign team. He is a really interesting single-target damage dealer.

With his basic attacks, he grants Might to himself preparing to exploit his more powerful abilities. His base damage is not Top but it is high enough considering his mechanics and this team synergy where all his attacks will have a +50% damage increase from the Might Boon.

Also, his damage will be further increased with every boon on himself before attacking (he will have at least 1 all the time but often 2 – Nimble and Might).

In the end, his passive grants him a chance to counter every attack against him. Which is incredibly powerful against enemies’ AOEs that will mostly be avoided due to the constant Nimble granted by him and Leliel.

Both Hobits and Lomion will always play first making this synergy literally insane. Frodo will place Expose followed by Lomion and Pippin. On his turn, Strider will only need to decide whether to use AOE or inflict Fire

By doing that, you will start every wave in the campaign by eliminating an enemy of your desire. Now I don’t know if you realize how powerful this is.

But, instead of trying to prevent dangerous enemies from playing (like with other Campaign teams), you will simply kill them immediately. And, then you can prolong or speed up the battle depending on your desires and without fear that you will lose some portion of HP on your team members.

This synergy is literally amazing and will grant you several benefits for other game modes. Initially, you had to stall your progress in the first 2-3 days and build this team – Everything after that was a lot easier and faster. Now you need to look for alternatives while trying to start farming Leliel as fast as possible

It is important to say that this team cannot be effective in Arena because of Khazh Ironhide and his opening that remove buffs. However, not investing in full Rohan allows you to focus your resources on something else. This is now even more important than before when Elrohir can be unlocked really fast which will open numerous options for the Light Side of the roster.

Most importantly this course of action, not only suits fulfilling recently announced announcements for unlocking Elrond, but at the same time, it opens you a possibility to quickly assemble a full Road to Rivendale team without spending.

As you will learn fast enough, 4 Hobits+Strider are really dangerous folk who will, once you assemble them, show you immediately that all rumors about them as “weak and useless” have nothing to do with the truth.

All in all, that is the only true and doable alternative to full investment in Rohan for both the Light campaign and the Arena, if you are f2p.

P2W Light Campaign best option

Contrary to f2p, players willing to spend will have a wider diapason of options at the start. Before Arwen’s update, the situation was not really good for p2w. They were told that Halbarad is the Meta and they could get an option to purchase him only after the initial investment in Rohan+Pippin because they had to clear Light 3-9 in order to get the offer with him.

But, that was just the start of their disappointment because once they unlocked Halbarad and implemented him in teams they instantly realized that he is not the solution they’d hoped for. Halbarad needs a Team of rangers to be effective, while Mira and Elrohir (essential for his usefulness) were practically out of reach…

So, people spent money and instead of fast-forwarding through Arena Standings and Light Campaign, they received only disappointment unless they prepared to spend a lot more. That situation was really bad for the early reputation of LOTRh among all spenders (big or small alike) and that was/is the main reason why a lot of players left after the first week upon global release.

Fortunately, after Arwen’s update things look much better for everyone.

So now, if you are prepared to spend you have a clear picture of what needs to be done and how it needs to be done.

The first and the most obvious option is to assemble full Rangers and unlock Arwen. Even though, Arwen doesn’t have a special synergy with Strider which is visible in some of the Challenges she is literally perfect for Rangers.

She supports Halbarad in protection and self-sustain with her ultimate while granting that the entire team of Rangers can receive an additional attack without fear of being killed or injured. Not only that this basically allows you to auto-combat most Light Campaign missions but also finally makes Rangers a viable Arena Option capable of both defending and offensive task (full analysis on Arena Counter page)


As the game develops there will be new Light Campaign Chapters and new Light characters capable of carrying you through Light Campaign. This article will be updated accordingly.

At the moment your goal should be to clear all Light Campaign chapters as fast as possible so you can freely farm what you want and when you want. Those 2 options are currently to most effective and cheapest to maintain while granting you success. When if is something changes, you will be immediately informed!