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Shadow Campaign Teams

In The Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-earth, the Shadow Campaign starts after the first Chapter of the Light Campaign. Your progression and team building will seem straightforward without many options.

The first Chapter of Shadow Campaign can be clear with 2 available Isengard Orks everyone unlocks at the start. Ugluk and Mauhur are quite capable of dealing with the first easy missions and you will feel that there is no need to add anyone else at the moment.

And, you would be right from your perspective where you don’t know what are the Quest requirements that await you.

One of the first Shadow tasks is to unlock and build T3 gear for 3 Shadow characters. They are available a lot sooner before you can clear Shadow Hard 1-1(3rd member of Isengard synergy joins the roster – Dunhar).

It is smart, if not mandatory, to unlock and use Eddric from Guild Campaign 1-1. Improving and leveling him for the early game costs basically nothing while u get much in return.

Alreda the Chieftain will be a helping NPC in at least 2 of those early missions and she has an insane synergy with Eddric. More importantly, Eddric can buff Orcs with Might which has synergy with Mauhur’s Deadly Boom and causes insane damage numbers at that point of progression.

So, instead of torturing yourself with long battles with an idea to save some resources for Shadows about to come, just level up and improve Eddric from the start. Go up to level 25 (10k Gold in total), and use him to easily unlock Dunhar and clear the first Chapter of Shadow Hard.

From that point forward, you will have basically 2 options to Shadow Campaign Team (if you are pw2, your options are kinda wider, but we will not deal with those presumptions).

Isengard + Ironhide

The easiest and at the same time very effective option is to fully rely on 3 early Isengard characters – Ugluk, Dunhar, and Mauhur. They will be accompanied by 2 extremely useful and easily obtainable characters at the start.


Ugluk is the symbiosis between a Tank and a Controller. With a minimum Ability Material investment, he will have a 50% chance to get 1 stack of Provoke after every basic attack, while being able to place Blind with special and Disrupt with ultimate.

You cannot really rely on his tanking abilities (at least until you improve his Basic on level 4). So, it is best that he is considered as off-tank. His Focus is decent but his debuffs will be occasionally resisted if against considerably stronger characters.

Have that in mind before trying to clear Missions that require a few levels more compared to your current level.


Dunhar is an Orc version of support – he heals others, but his healing is considerably lower than his Light counterparts and you cannot rely on it. At the same time, he can lower the damage to 2 members of the enemy team.

But, his focus, even with a permanent increase, is the same as Ugluk’s so you will have to choose targets carefully when using a basic and special attack that places Bleed and Heal Block.

Ugluk has a chance to passively lower the resistance of those who attacks him, so those enemies will be the perfect targets for Dunmar debuffs.

Even though Dunhar’s healing for ultimate is not great he has a great synergy with Ugluk’s leader ability that grants healing after every Bane placed on enemies. All Dunmar’s abilities can place Bane(s), so make sure that he will place it by picking the targets with low resistance.

In the end, when we combine healing from the leadership ability and Dunmar’s “Cruel Medicine” ability we get really decent healing potential and sustain for all Shadow members of the team. However, if enemies have improved resistance, you will have problems (those freaking dwarves, huh).


Mauhur is the main damage dealer in this Isengard trio. His critical chance is increased with each Bane on the target. In addition, he passively increases the critical chance to al Idengard allies and he is granted an increased critical damage.

He has some king of self-buffing ability that practically grants a critical strike in the next attack while providing symbolic regeneration. But, this ability should be used only between waves when you know that remaining enemies will be killed by other members of the team and you have time to buff yourself.

In all other situations, it is not justified to lose Mauhur’s dps, because he can buff himself (that is why full Isengard Arena defenses are usually easily beaten in Arena – AI loses an attacking turn with Mauhur).

All in all, he is a really potent single-target damage dealer who works well with Dunmar and Ugluk. His real potential is enough to carry you through Shadow Campaign. But, there are better and more deadly single-target damage dealers among Shadow characters, to be honest.

Ghazh Ironhide

The 4th character of this team should be Ghazh Ironhide. You will read about him in a lot of early articles on Bonbadil’s tips for a reason. Enormous damage and defense with 2 powerful AoE abilities that will always remove at least 1 Boon from all enemies with his special annihilating AoE.

He is slow, but never mind! That actually helps him get rid of any potential Taunts, Stealth, and everything else that can be used as enemy protection. He will always play last just to remove everything placed, which would otherwise cause you a lot of trouble.

The only thing you need to do is to use the initial Gems boost on the game start and be persistent in farming those 180 shards from Guild Campaign 1-9. When you unlock him, he should be your main focus gold and resource-wise because he will be essential for both Arena and Shadow Campaign.

Most people who figured that those 4 Shadow characters can do everything required, decide to use Nurraz as 5th. He can passively add Provoke on Ironhide, has a powerful Troll summon, and has the ability to cleanse Bane(s).

Cleansing is a problem for Isengard’s initial trio. However, if you don’t have Grugur the Brute alongside Ironhide (and you don’t have him unless investing more than 1k Gems in the Main Supply Store), using Nurraz will be more of a liability than an advantage.

You will lose dps and you will force enemies to focus will all their Bane(s) on your main damage dealer. Also, you will not have control when you need to save someone from dying quickly.

That is why, Wubete (a less likely choice for many) is a much better option. The damage bonuses from her abilities and her basic damage attribute grant her significant damage potential.

But, she can also initiate a fight with Mass Slow (one of 2 characters who can do that). Fully controlling the battlefield and placing Bane(s) for Mauhur to exploit, Wubete can even choose when to place Provoke on herself.

That is extremely important for this team, as you will see yourself, and that is one of the main requirements for earning 3 stars on later Shadow missions. Besides that, her role in this team will be fully fulfilled while you can save Ability materials.

This is because you will not have to improve her passive at all. No one from this team cannot place Black Serpent’s Poison (that is Haradrim characters’ ability). So, she cannot benefit from her passive.

You may think that she will be crippled without passive ability, but the reality is completely the opposite. She will be fully effective and you will have Ability Material saved for some other members who will need it more.

Early AoE Shadow team (an immediate preparing for the End-Game)

If you are f2p and you want to really on Shadow characters for both PVE and PVE, you don’t have many options at the start when we talk about Leaders. You start with Ugluk and on the 7th day of Login, you are awarded with The Great Goblin.

The Great Goblin is an interesting character, but he needs a full Goblin team to be honest (2 of 4 Goblins are available in Hard Chapters 4 and 5).

So you are left with Ugluk to be the leader of the Shadow team for a considerable period. If you are p2w, you don’t have those problems as you can unlock Bolg immediately and assemble any synergy you like.

Anyway, Ugluk’s Leadership ability affects only Isengard members, meaning that if you assemble a team of Shadow debuffers (which is an easy thing to do). They will not receive healing when placing Bane(s) unless they are from Isengard.

We already explained what is the best solution to make early Isengard characters carry you through the existing Shadow Campaign. But, the problem is when you reach your goal, the Level Cap, and end game.

At that stage, you will have only 1 Shadow Character that can be useful in any settup (regardless of game mode) – Ironhide. Again, Wubete is a really good character and Haradrim synergy is more than useful.

But, you don’t want to rely on them unless they are required for Raids or some other PVE features that may come in the future. So, what can we do to effectively progress through Shadow Campaign and not get forced to fully invest in some characters you will not use later?

The solution is easy – focus on Light Campaign in full so you can unlock Light Hard 3-5. In the meantime, build Isengard up to Tier 4 (you will have the requirement to build 5 Shadows on T4 anyway) and try to unlock Shadow Hard 3-5 (it’s not mandatory, but try).

Also, as soon as you unlock Shadow Hard 2-1, start investing in Grimlurz slowly but constantly. Do this while being fully invested in Ironhide the same with Isengard as your priority.

That way you will have a viable Arena option (3 Rohirims, Strider, Ironhide along with Ugluk to counter some setup with early Blind). You will easily reach Light hard 3-5, and you can start farming and fully investing in Rokma immediately.


Rokma (Orc Engineer in PVE) is the best AOE damage dealer next to Ghazh Ironhide. His base damage stat is actually low. But, his AOE abilities’ damage modifiers and the fact that he will place Burn on all enemies every single time is something that makes him OP in every way.

His passive ability significantly increases his already high Focus and abilities’ damage. Later, he can even passively place Deadly on the Mordor allies. In synergy with Ironhide, he is literally unstoppable, and not only in PvE.


By the time Rokma is ready to rock’n’roll, Grimlurz will also be high enough to continue your Shadow Campaign progress. His base damage is in the Top 5 in the entire current roster.

All his abilities are single-target based but the abilities’ damage modifiers are literally insane. Not to mention that his damage is further increased whit every Bane on the target.

He retaliates every time he is attacked on every second turn, and he can place up to 3 stacks of Bleed using his ultimate. That grants up to 300% damage modifier (in addition to his insane base damage stat). In short, if someone stays alive after Ironhide+Rokmo combined AOEs, they will not survive Grimlurz’s turn no matter how strong they are.

This team will need a Tank. You could just continue using Ugluk (he is a Tank by vocation) or you can have someone even better to synergize with your AOE “Mofos”.

Remember Eddric from the start of this article? Well, instead of using him only at the start, to be in a position to progress while you are assembling a desired combination, you should continue investing in him in full.

He will be more than capable to replace Wubete and carry you until Shadow Hard 3-5 (and even later once you add the character from that node to the team). You will not have control of the battle as with Wubete and he is not as tough as she is, but …

Eddric has the option to buff the entire team with Might Boon while increasing their Turn Meter in the process. Now, just remember what happens in Arena when Eowyn places Might on Ironhide and he opens the fight with it – it is total annihilation.

In this case, you will have 2 AOE with Might that will allow you to clear missions long above your level of progression. It is true that Eddric’s Blood Frenzy will not be accumulated as with Isengard. But, that disadvantage is nothing compared to what you gain with Might on Rokma and Ironhide.

While progressing with those 4 Shadow characters toward Shadow Hard 3-5 you will have to use Dunhar as 5th. Not only because of his healing (which is minimal without Ugluk), but because he passively grants Protection to most injured allies.

Nonetheless, he will not be enough to grant you the sustain you need considering that the other 4 characters are fully focused only on damage (except Ironhide, but he can do much when alone). That is why it is important to clear Shadow Hard 3-5 with 3* and start farming Uzhan immediately!


Uzhan is a Mordor’s healer. Contrary to Dunhar. His healing is considerable and he is actually extremely efficient in keeping his evil allies alive. Not only does he heal, but he is also one of the few characters from the current roster who increases the Focus of the entire team (extremely important for Rokma and Grimlurz).

He has only 1 attacking ability (basic). But, with that attack, he will place Slow on the target of his choosing which usually makes the difference between failure and success.

Most importantly, even when all odds are against you and you are about to meet your doom, Uzhan will buy you time for another attack that can change everything. This is because of the chance to grant Unbreakable to the ally whose HP drops below 30%.

All in all, he is everything you need from a character to protect this fully offensive and deadly AOE synergy.

Hmm… at some point, you will look at this Shadow team and you will conclude that you already have 4 Mordor characters fully developed. You just need their leader – Shagrat …

Well, if you followed our farming instructions, by the time you are aware he should be almost there. And, with Shagrat in the team, Mordor Crew is dangerous, really dangerous… for all game modes 😉


I could describe another team you can use to clear existing Shadow Missions, but that synergy is behind a paywall. Basically, you focus on Nurraz and Ironhida in Guild Campaign.

Farm Gurhurm the Brute for Gems (when you unlock him he will be on 3 * immediately), and purchase Blog’s Conquest Pack to get Bolg and Tordok on 2*.

(all that is nor more than 100$ in total – 150$ if you purchase early Gem Pack, which is the most lucrative pack with Gems)

With that team, (which you can freely use in Arena as well) you will easily slide through Shadow Campaign. However, as well know, less than 10% of players will do that, so the first 2 propositions are important for the rest 90%.

Similar to Light Shadow Campaign, we will probably get new Shadow Chapters really soon. Also, with the introduction of Raids current priorities might change. When that happens, this article will be updated immediately…

Find that Ring, followers of Sauron! The task is given – obey, or else…