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Daily Routine

Every Hero Collector game has its own daily routine. The Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-earth is no exception. However, there are some things you need to do regardless of the obvious things presented by the game itself.

This is the list of things every new player in LOTRH should do to maintain their progress and keep being competitive:

Claim Free Energy 3 times per day

Pick your Time Zones accordingly, so you can easily claim it every day. Unfortunately, at this point, it is impossible to change the in-game Time Zone even though it was announced earlier during development.

Do all Daily Objectives immediately after reset

This will improve your Arena rating and Campaigns to the maximum level of progression. Daily Objectives are the richest source of experience on a day-to-day basis.

Refill your Campaign Energy 3 times per day

Do this as long as the price is 50 Gems for 120 Energy. If you clear all Daily Objectives daily, even on the lowest Arena Leagues, you will accumulate enough Gems to refill it every day (150 gems per day).

Try to refill Guild Energy at least once per day

This depends on your guild standing. Guild energy starting refill cost is 100 Gems and you can refill for that price up to 3 times per day. It is essential that Guild refills do not interfere with your capability to refill Campaign energy 3 times per day.

Do not overspend in the Supply Store

You want to have enough resources to farm available characters there, in case you decide some of them will be part of your main teams. Also, buy resources there only while trying to equip your characters with new gear.

Always have resources saved up in Supply! It is better to have currency ready to spend on what you will use immediately, than to buy something for later and then never use it.

Use all your Arena attempts each day

Even if you think you don’t have a chance of progressing further on the Leaderboard, give it a try. At the same time, you will train your combat skills and you will get used to the AI decisions. This may not be as important in late game, but it is essential in early to mid-game.

Try clearing higher Tier Challenges

Even if your power tells you otherwise – you will not lose an attempt in defeat and you will often be surprised with outcomes.

Do not waste your Adventure resources

Always check if you have another attempt in the ongoing adventure. Adventure Nodes are really good resource-farming spots and, usually, they are more rewarding than Campaign Nodes.

Focus on your character progression and farming

Do this in the early game according to Quest requirements. Quest Rewards offer the greatest boost to your progress while leveling. Being able to fulfill Quests is more important than chasing the Arena META – you will save your time for building end-game Arena Meta that way.

I strongly advise against spending gems on Characters while leveling

Including the 600 Gems chest at the start! The most important thing is that you have enough gems to spend on Energy Refills during your progress. It will give you more experience and will help you maximize some essential characters from the roster sooner.

Farm gems for Aeldred

Even though I strongly advise against spending Gems on Main Store characters (Aeldred, Great Goblin, Grumhur) you will be forced to unlock Aeldred through spending Gems. The quest requirement for unlocking 5 Rohan characters cannot be claimed otherwise. Basically, you need 420-450 Gems for unlocking him, so plan and act accordingly.

Start farming Elves immediately

Soon after the game’s release, we were informed about the first Legendary character – Elrond. To unlock him you will need 5 Elves on 5*. That is why it is of utmost importance that you start farming Elves asap – Lomion (Light Hard 2-9), Leliel (Shadow Hard 3-9), Elrohir (Guild 3-1), Naremiri (Guild 2-1). Despite the narrative, it is quite possible to accumulate enough shards for those characters so you can unlock Elrond. However, accumulating the Gold for Stars upgrade is a totally different story.

Always buy Dark and Light Crystals in Main Store

During the first week and clearing of the first few Campaign Chapters as well as Adventures, you will ask yourself what I will do with all those Crystals… You will find out soon enough and the moment you learn the importance of those, you will be sorry since you didn’t buy all available until that moment. In order to not be sorry, just buy every Dark and light Crystal you see (in the Main Store – not Guild or Challenge Store)

Always be careful with Gold and XP Spending

At the early stage of the game when we have only 3 Campaigns, occasional Adventures, and Arena, it is almost impossible to farm enough Gold to suit your needs or allow you to change main teams often. That is why you must be extremely careful with spending, Leveling, and upgrading. I know that it is against natural behavior that when you get a level you don’t immediately level up your Arena team and Campaign teams, but after reaching level 35-40 you should start min-maxing and spend Gold only if it is essential.

If you’re f2p your main Gold income will be from Quest rewards, Account Levels, and Login Rewards, so please be extremely careful about it and make sure that you always have at least 100k Gold in your savings – I learned that on the hard way.


Those are the most important tips for the daily routine in this early stage of The Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-earth. As the game develops, we will definitely have some new tips and new rules on how to maximize your progress. When games like these are released, your main goal is always to reach the Level Cap as fast as possible!